Lahodnosti Solid Hair Shampoo Твердый шампунь для волос 120 г

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120 g
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RSPO certification guarantees that this palm oil is from sustainable sources and meets strict environmental criteria, but also oversees conditions for local producers
It is gentle and very fine, produced by the cold method, thanks to which all active ingredients are preserved. Contains a gel made of fresh Irish moss - a plant alternative to collagen, give your hair minerals and a smooth look. It contains rare oils such as argan, jojoba and pumpkin, added to the trace to preserve as many of its properties as possible. Thanks to its recipe, it slowly and gently teaches your scalp not to grease so much, there is no drying of the scalp or the hair itself, but at the same time the shampoo is very foamy. Thanks to the purely natural essential oils of lavender, thyme and goodwill, in addition, the shampoo really works on all your senses in the spirit of aroma therapy. TIP: if you have really greasy hair, you need to wash it at least twice, until the foam is really rich and stable during soaping, this is a guarantee of well-washed hair.
porcované - Portioned


Способ применения
Take the shampoo in your hand and massage it lightly into your hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
Шампунь для волос
Topical rapeseed oil (not GMO), caring almond oil, coconut oil, RSPO * certified palm oil, BIO jojoba oil, BIO argan oil, cold pressed pumpkin oil, shungite water, sodium hydroxide, pure silk powder, fresh collagen Irish moss gel (fresh Irish moss, shungite water), grapefruit seed extract From Aromatherapy: Lavender, Mateřídouška, Dobromysl.


Шампунь для твердых волос с гелем из свежего ирландского мха - отличный выбор для тех из вас, кто хочет простой и гигиеничный дорожный вариант любимого мыла, которое можно просто повесить на кран, куда бы вы ни пошли.