Прибор для ухода за телом Medisana Manicure and pedicure grinder MP 815

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Easy operation and an ideal helper for the care of your hands, feet and nails (treatment of ingrown, thick and hardened nails, treatment of cornified skin, calluses and corners). Easy replacement of individual attachments. Bidirectional operation (clockwise / counterclockwise). 2 speed levels: 3800/4600 rpm. 6 quality sapphire extensions with a long service life and 1 felt attachment: Sapphire cone - grinding of dry horny skin. Felt cone - smoothes the edge and polishes the nail surface. Sapphire blade (2x) - for shortening and filing nails. Cylindrical milling machine - for sanding the hardened surface of nails. Flame-shaped milling machine - for loosening ingrown nails. Hardened skin remover - to remove cornified skin and calluses. Power supply: mains adapter, 100-240 V (50/60 Hz). Power consumption: 12 W. Duration of one use: 15 minutes. Power cable length: 1.5 m. Dimensions: 15 x 3.8 x 3.7 cm. Weight: 101 g. The package includes an AC adapter and a storage case.


Přístroje, Machines
Способ применения
Use according to the instructions.


The Medisana MP 815 manicure and pedicure grinder with 7 attachments is an ideal helper in the treatment of ingrown, thick and hardened nails, for the treatment of cornified skin, calluses and the edges of corns. Thanks to the interchangeable attachments, you will treat various parts of your body. The grinder is designed for home use. Sapphire attachments have a long service life . The device has 2 directions of rotation and 2 speeds.