Nivea Q10 Plus Eye Cream Крем с коэнзимом, разглаживающий морщины вокруг глаз 15 мл

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For best results, use cream in combination with other products Q10 Plus .
Active ingredients: Q10 and creatine - effective anti-wrinkle and also in harmony with your skin. It is a highly active substance that is found naturally in your skin, but with age, their quantity decreases, which causes loss of energy for the skin regeneration. results: wrinkles are visibly reduced and dark circles under the eyes are minimized, skin is smooth and looks younger., Active substances: Q10 and creatine - effectively works against wrinkles and at the same time in harmony with your skin. These are highly effective substances that are naturally found in your skin, but as they age, their amount decreases, which causes a loss of energy for further skin regeneration. Results: recommended age 30+, visibly reduces wrinkles and helps prevent new, minimizes dark circles under the eyes and significantly strengthens the skin around the eyes, with regular use increases the amount of skin itself coenzyme Q10, perfume-free, also suitable for contact lens wearers, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and approved.
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Тип кожи
mature skin - normal skin, Зрелая
Способ применения
Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin. Apply a small amount of cream Q10 Plus Eye on the outer edge of the cheekbone and gently dab towards the nose., Apply a small amount of cream to the outer corner above the cheekbone. Just a small drop the size of a pea. Gently tap the cream into the skin around the eyes from the outer corner towards the nose.


Targeted care for sensitive skin around the eyes. The composition with 100% skin identical to coenzyme Q10 effectively fights wrinkles. Mature to wrinkles around the eyes, say goodbye to the circles under the eyes and welcome visibly firmer skin. The light, fast-absorbing composition with 100% of the skin´s own coenzyme Q10 contributes to the fact that wrinkles around the eyes are visibly reduced and sensitive skin under the eyes is brightened. Bet on the most subtle care of the eye area.