Аксессуар для ухода за лицом Bel Round make-up tampons Cosmetic 70 + 14 pcs

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To achieve a truly thorough make-up removal and cleansing, it is necessary to change swabs during remover. Once used to wipe dirty makeup or dirt, which on the skin during the day, adhering, replace it clean. From dirt dirty swab is transferring back to the skin and unnecessarily so again zanášíte pores., In order to achieve a really thorough make-up removal and cleansing of the skin, it is necessary to change the tampons during make-up removal. Replace the swab as soon as it becomes dirty with make-up or dirt that has stuck to the skin during the day. You transfer the dirt back to the skin from the dirty tampon and unnecessarily clog the pores.


Тип кожи
Способ применения
Apply the swab cleansing or facial tissue product and gently clean the skin.


Round cotton swabs for face and décolleté make-up removal are made of a soft material with a fine surface and microfiber content, which guarantees thorough and gentle make-up removal. Tampons absorb make-up removers well and do not loosen fibers. It is used for daily thorough make-up removal and skin cleansing.