Средства для отбеливания зубов Activated charcoal for whitening teeth with mint flavor 100% Natura l Teeth Whitening PRO MINT 30 g

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Active substances: Activated carbon - removes external stains from your teeth and can change the pH value in the mouth, which helps reduce the components that cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath, bentonite clay - detoxifies your mouth and even supplies them with valuable minerals such as calcium, silicon or potassium, strengthens tooth enamel, mint extract - has soothing abilities for teeth and gums and leaves a fresh feeling in your mouth. Properties: Refreshes the breath Removes plaque Protects tooth enamel Reduces the risk of gum and tooth disease Brightens the smile Detoxifies the oral cavity
Eco friendly


Способ применения
Apply to a soaked toothbrush, gently brushing your teeth in a circular motion for 3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and brush your teeth with a standard toothpaste.


Активированный уголь для отбеливания зубов со вкусом мяты 100% Natura l Teeth Whitening PRO MINT - 100% натуральное средство для отбеливания зубов. Это натуральное средство для чистки и отбеливания зубов, которое делает вашу эмаль более прочной и выводит токсины из всей полости рта, и все это без натуральных добавок на натуральной основе.