Эфирное масло Primavera Dárkový set Aroma Moment for Playtime! ME & WE

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Optimistic and motivating composition of 100% essential oils PLAY TIME - Play time is intended not only for children, but was primarily created for them. It is the children who need our support and optimism now. You can use the mixture in an aroma lamp and aroma diffuser. Create a pleasant atmosphere for children to play carefree, where they can discover and live their dreams, experience adventures or become small artists . It doesn´t matter if they are alone, with their parents, siblings or friends. The fresh scent will encourage creativity and imagination and bring even more joy and fun to the game. Scent profile : floral, fresh Scent effect: supporting the imagination Ingredients: Litsea, Frangipani, Orange and more.Key ingredients: Litsea - an essential oil that comes from the fruits of an evergreen tropical tree . Its fresh citrus scent creates a satisfied and carefree atmosphere. Frangipani - the flowers of the shrub, also called West Indian jasmine, serve as a festive headdress in Bali . Their harmonizing scent stimulates imagination and creativity. Orange - The scent of oranges spreads a good mood, encourages and adds calm . The essential oil is obtained from the peel of the fruit by cold pressing. Designed for children from 3 years of age. How to use: Use 2-3 drops in an aroma lamp or diffuser. It must not come into contact with the skin, pay attention to the eyes. 100% essential oils are highly concentrated flammable substances dangerous to the eyes. It must not be used internally. Ingredients: 100% essential oils from Litsea, Frangipani and Oranges.
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The set contains: A fragrant blend of essential oils for children Play Time! 5 ml Tara felt cat pendant