Освежитель воздуха Woodwick Large scented candle Trilogy Woven Comfort with 609.5 g

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Как использовать
Svíčku používejte podle návodu.
Совет по использованию
Always dissolve the candle to the edge, let it burn for 3-4 hours. If the candle smokes, the wick is too long. The ideal length is 0.7 cm. If the wick is longer, blow out the candle, let it cool down and break off the burnt edges so that the residue does not fall into the wax., Rozpusťte svíčku vždy až ke kraji, nechejte jí hořet 3-4 hodiny. Pokud svíčka kouří, je knot příliš dlouhý. Ideální délka je 0,7 cm. Je-li knot delší, sfoukněte svíčku, nechejte jí vychladnout a odlomte ohořené okraje tak, aby zbytky nespadly do vosku.
Properties: connection of Pure Comfort candles, Sofr Chamray, Warm Wool, up to 120 hours of burning, sound of cracking when burning, clean burning, wooden wick, design vase made of hand-blown glass, the lid serves as a base.
Vlastnosti: spojení svíček Pure Comfort, Sofr Chamray, Warm Wool, až 120 hodin hoření, zvuk praskání při hoření, čisté hoření, dřevěný knot, designová váza z ručně foukaného skla, víčko slouží jako podstavec.


Способ применения
Use the candle according to the instructions.


The Trilogy Wowen Comfort candle will guide you with the perfect scent. The soothing scent of dried laundry with the scent of fruit and a hint of musk, a pure scent of cotton that envelops your senses in a delicate fabric with a gentle touch of jasmine and rose combined with the scent of beautifully soft, warm wool and wild flowers. This candle with a typical wooden lid will scent your home and fill it with the soft sound of a crackling wick, which will support an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Because home is where the fire breaks. The wick is made of natural wood. The patented shape of the Pluswick ®Innova tion wooden wick creates a soothing sound of crackling fire. The unique cross shape of this wooden wick allows up to 5 times faster dissolution of the wax pond than the classic cotton wick. Therefore, the room quickly penetrates the pleasant smell. This patented wick guarantees a beautiful and clean burning without soot on the glass. It makes a soft sound of crackling fire. The wooden lid serves as a base under the candle when it burns, thus protecting the surface of the furniture.