Освежитель воздуха Village Candle Scented candle in glass Balsam Fir 397 g

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Общие характеристики

Do not leave unattended after ignition. Place on a non-flammable pad. Avoid contact with flammable material. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not extinguish by closing the lid. The container is hot after ignition.
Совет по использованию
How to ensure a sufficient candle flame: the main cause of a small flame is the low level of oxygen inside the candle. Therefore, the candle may not appear to burn properly. Therefore, make sure that the wax always heats up to the edges. Do not pour the wax or cut the wicks. If this recommendation is followed for a sufficiently long time, the oxygen level will gradually return and the flame will burn brightly again.
Properties: candle with two wicks, with the scent of fir and balm, in a glass jar, burning time up to 105 hours.


Способ применения
Use as directed.


Decorative scented candle with two wicks in a glass jar with a lid with the scent of real forest firs softened by the rejuvenating scent of balm. This candle captures the invigorating scent so faithfully that it is like a refreshing walk among the trees. Ideal for setting a holiday mood or enjoying an escape into the woods.