Ароматический диффузор или свеча Maison Berger Paris Refill for diffuser Fresh Wood Fresh Wood (Bouquet Recharge/Refill) 200 ml

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Luxusní - Luxusní
Как использовать
Vyměňte náplň dle přiloženého návodu.
Properties: refill for diffuser, with a modern fresh scent, pleasantly scents the interior, lasts to smell up to 8 weeks.
Vlastnosti: náhradní náplň do difuzéru, s moderní svěží vůní, příjemně provoní interiér, vydrží vonět až 8 týdnů.
Совет по использованию
If you change the smell in your diffuser, we recommend replacing the sticks as well.


Способ применения
Replace the cartridge according to the enclosed instructions.


Replacement refill for the diffuser from the Maison Berger Paris brand with a modern fresh scent. The volume of the filling allows you to smell your home for up to 8 weeks. Regular rotation of the incense sticks in the diffuser will increase the intensity of the scent. Modern scent Fresh wood welcomes you with fresh sea tones full of sun, which are complemented by the scent of bergamot with a slight hint of pineapple. The heart of the perfume is floral with the intoxicating scent of lavender. The base of the perfume has an intense scent of sandalwood and cedar wood, which is highlighted by amber. Scent composition: head: bergamot, sea tones, pineapple,heart: lavender, flowering meadow,base: sandalwood, amber, cedar wood.