Ароматический диффузор или свеча Maison Berger Paris Náplň do katalytické lampy Letní déšť Summer Rain (Lampe Recharge/Refill) 500 ml

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Luxusní - Luxusní
Properties: charge for catalytic lamp Maison Berger Paris, removes pollutants and bacteria from the air, pleasantly scents the interior, allows 20 hours of diffusion = 80 hours of scenting, with a delicate and fresh scent.


Способ применения
Use according to the instructions., 1. Fill the catalytic lamp with a charge to a maximum of 2/3 of the total lamp volume. Overflowing this level can have a negative effect on the lamp´s ignition and its subsequent functionality. 2. Insert the wick and wait 20 minutes for the first use. Light the catalytic converter and let the lamp burn for at least 2-3 minutes, then blow out the flame. 3. Enjoy pleasant tones of fragrant essences. You can leave the lamp on as needed, the intensity of the scent and the size of the room. The recommended exposure time is a maximum of 30 minutes per 12 m². 4. To turn off the lamp, cover the catalytic converter with a quench cap.


The filling for a catalytic lamp, which not only rids the air of pollutants and dangerous bacteria, but also smells wonderfully to your home. The delicate and pleasantly fresh crystalline scent, which is the embodiment of a summer morning, will bring fresh summer air and the scent of summer morning dew into your home. In the high tones of the perfume you will feel the green leaves of basil and the touch of eucalyptus. The fragrance further develops into a floral heart with spring tones of lily of the valley, lilac and freesia, while the basis of the perfume is warm amber and patchouli.Scent composition: head: eucalyptus, leaves, basil,heart: lily of the valley, lilac, freesia,base: amber, patchouli.