Ароматический диффузор или свеча Maison Berger Paris Diffuser Cube Bark from Verbena Zest of Verbena 125 ml

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Luxusní - Luxusní
Как использовать
Ponořte tyčinky do lahvičky difuzéru, aby nasákly vůní, ta se poté začne plně uvolňovat.
8 polymerových tyčinek, 125 ml vůně, 8 polymer sticks, 125 ml scent
Properties: cube-shaped diffuser, made of thick-walled glass, endurance up to 4 weeks, long-lasting fresh scent., Properties: cube-shaped diffuser, design piece, made of thick-walled glass, endurance up to 4 weeks, smells the room without ignition, long-lasting fresh scent.
Vlastnosti: difuzér ve tvaru kostky, vyrobený ze silnostěnného skla, výdrž až 4 týdny, dlouhotrvající svěží vůně.


Способ применения
Dip the sticks into the diffuser bottle to soak up the scent, which will then begin to fully release.


A cube-shaped diffuser made of thick-walled glass will scent your home with a long-lasting fresh scent. You can influence the intensity of the scent by the number of sticks used, for maximum effect, turn them regularly. Elegant and sparklingly fresh interior scent, which is one of the popular perfumes of Maison Berger Paris . At the beginning of the scent, high citrus notes of lime and cedar appear, which are wrapped in spicy pink pepper. The middle tones of the perfume then subtly mix the natural scent of verbena leaves, gently underlined by the scent of lavender and mint. In order for the scent to gain elegance and a certain softness, it is dressed in low tones with powder notes of gray amber and white musk. Scent composition: head: lime, cedar, pink pepper,heart: verbena, lavender, mint,base: gray amber, white musk.