Ароматический диффузор или свеча glade Aromatherapy Reed Calm Mind 80 ml incense sticks with the scent of bergamot and lemon grass

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Properties: incense sticks with the scent of bergamot with lemon grass, the filling lasts up to 45 days, 8 pieces of rattan sticks, an amber bottle in a pharmaceutical design prevents the penetration of UV rays and thus protects the properties of the essential oil, the box is made of 100% recycled paper.


Способ применения
Dip the sticks into the diffuser bottle to soak up the scent, which will then begin to release.


Be enchanted by the fresh scent of bergamot and lemon grass and smell your home for up to 45 days. Stop, breathe and feel life in its basic form. The art of rest is the basic way to regenerate the body, start the mind and manage everything without unnecessary stress. The scent of Calm Mind brings a moment of peace and harmony. Bergamot from Calabria in Italy calms the nerves and reduces overall tension. Lemongrass from India and Indonesia relieves stress and relieves pain.