Ароматический диффузор или свеча Air-wick Vaporizer aroma filling Soothing aroma of sugar melon and cucumber 20 ml

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Properties: filling into the aroma of a vaporizer with the scent of watermelon and cucumber, the vaporizer changes the essential oils into a fine and fragrant mist, long-term effect - smells up to 45 days, 3 levels of odor release intensity, on battery, makes no unwanted noises made of plastic, The elegant design of the shaver fits into any interior.


Способ применения
Remove the top cover from the machine. Remove the refill cap and place it by moving it upwards until you hear a click. Turn on by sliding the button and select the intensity of the odor release. The machine will release the scent according to the set intensity for 8 hours.


Refill for a continuous-release automatic diffuser that converts essential oils into a fine fragrant mist that smells beautiful to your home. Enjoy the sweet tones of watermelon combined with the fresh scent of cool cucumber. Ideal for relaxing after a long day or creating a pleasant atmosphere for getting up in the morning.