SALT & PEPPER GAMES Calaveras De Sedlec Board Game

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Sedlec skulls is a game for 2 to 3 players (with expansion for play it alone and 4 players) Designed by Dustin Dobson and with art of Marty Cobb.

It is a game with a theme based on the chapel of the Sedlec bones located in the Czech Republic with Mechanics of Letter Selection Collection and Composition of Patterns.

The players in shifts will exhumate the tombs with their action stealing cards from each of the six decks that represent the tombs of the cemetery.

They will have to order the skulls forming a pyramid placing always a letter adjacent to another of the same row or if it is placed in a top row it must be adjacent to the two lower charts.

When placing the cards you have to try to fulfill the latest Wishes of the deceased that will give us Victoria points at the end of the game:

The nobles They always want to be above the others.

They will give us a 1 point for each noble or peasant at a lower level.

Peasants just want to be present.

We will win 1 point for each peasant we have in our pile.

For each row where there is a priest we will win 2 points.

For every lover Adjacent to another:

6 points.

Criminals seek redemption.

They will give us 2 points for each adjacent to a priest.

The one who has more points at the end of the game will win.

We add to La Carterita 3 expansions with new challenges possibility of Expand the games to four players and a solo-pulged moded:


Six new letters adding to the executioners that us will give points to Final of the game for each connected criminal.

Also Expand the number of players to four.

Castle guardians:

Six new letters that include the skulls of the guardians.

These protect the nobles and give a point at the end of the departing for each noble that is below them.

With this expansion also please play four players.


This expansion serves to play solo to scaperas of Sedlec trying to overcome the proposed construction challenge.

We choose two of the six construction cards.

One will tell us what structure we must form in addition to the pyramid of the basic game (ie we have that create two structures) and the other letter will give us a series of score conditioning conditions that we should Apply.

The goal is to get the better score possible.

Technical sheet Manufacturer Salt & Pepper Games Number of Players 2 3 game time 20 ´ Recommended age 8+.


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