SAFARI LTD Frogfish Figure

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From 3 Years

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Frogfish are experts at mimicry, which assists them not only in catching prey, but also hiding from predators, since their lack of scales makes them quite vulnerable. They’re a popular choice in aquariums, where they’re widely known as “anglers”, due to the fleshy lure (actually a modified dorsal fin) that they use to attract prey. They belong to the order Lophiiformes, which also includes deep-sea anglerfish and goosefishes. - Frogfish employ special camouflage to perfectly blend in with their habitat. Depending on the species, they can resemble coral, stones, sea sponges, sargassum seaweed, or urchins. They use lures on their head to draw their prey in close, then use their mouths to suck them in like a vacuum. Feathered: - Characteristics: This lumpy, stocky frogfish figurine is doing his best impression of a sea sponge. Hand painted and expertly crafted with life-like detail, our frogfish includes specialized features such as modified fins used for walking along the sea floor. - The Gnome Dragon is part of the Dragons collection - All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free. Specifications: - Dimensions: 10.8 L x 6.5 W x 6.3 H. - Dimensions: 4.25 L x 2.56 W x 2.48 H.


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