BRESSER 7004020QT5000 CO2 Meter

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Endless meetings, urgent work emails, looking after the kids, cleaning the flat... during our hectic lifestyles, its easy to forget about regular ventilation. Even though we know better: a high CO2 concentration cam affect our health and wellbeing. The BRESSER CO2 air quality monitor Smile will show you when its time to let some fresh air into your home or office. Simply take a quick look at the intuitive LED display to keep an eye on the CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. You dont need to worry about remembering what constitutes a critical carbon dioxide level - the intuitive graphical display with a linear scale and smiley face will show you the quality of the air in your surroundings. The measurements are precise, with high resolution and fast. - Ventilation alarm - The practical carbon dioxide alarm reminds you when you need to let in some fresh air. If the default setting is different to your ideal indoor climate, you can configure you own limit up to a maximum of 5000 ppm. The alarm function can then be activated with a simply button press. If the preset limit is exceeded, the alarm will sound at a varying intensity depending on the CO2 concentration. The display will also show a flashing arrow symbol to remind you to open the windows. - Humidity is also an important factor, as high humidity levels can cause mould to form. You can also set your own visual alarm for this reading so that you will know whether the air in the room is too dry or too moist. If you want to see more than just the current readings, there is also a practical memory function that displays the maximum and minimum values for the last 24 hours as well as the average values from the last 15 minutes and 8 hours for carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity. The device is powered by a power adapter to enable continuous operation. - The BRESSER CO2 Air quality monitor Smile - the perfect solution for busy fresh air fans! Features: - Simultaneous display of CO2 concentration, temperature (°C / °F) and humidity - Colour LED display, clear and intuitive - Graphical display of current CO2 concent - Carbon dioxide alarm functions: - Humidity alarm function - Memory function - High precision, high resolution, rapid response time - Dimensions: 110x33x123 mm - Powered by power adapter, long-term continuous operation possible Technical Data: Measurement function: - Humidity - Temperature - CO2 concentration Electronics, hardware & software: - Display size: 12.5 cm General technical data: - Inside temperature (°C) from: 0 - Inside temperature (°C) up to: 50 Dimensions & weights: - Total length: 123 mm - Total width: 110 mm - Total height: 32 mm - Net weight (without access.): 180 g - Net Weight total (incl. accessories): 250 g


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