BASIL Jasmin 10L Basket

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  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
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The Basil Jasmin Butterfly basket is specially designed for children, with an oval shape and more compact dimensions for an easier fit to smaller frames. The Basil Jasmin Butterfly basket comes in classic white, with a fine mesh construction that makes it both lightweight and sturdy. Looking for an ideal birthday gift for your little cyclist? This eye-catching basket is the perfect present, while serving as an indispensable accessory for every bike ride.Ideal for when you’re cycling to the shops with your kids, or when they need some extra storage for rides to and from school,this basket has plenty of interior capacity to store all manner of essentials.Furthermore, this basket is a breeze to mount.This basket hooks onto bikes at the handlebar, with convenient steering hooks and brilliant butterfly accents.The bright colour and cute critters add a pop of personality to any bicycle,ensuring this basket is guaranteed to go down a storm. Features: - Made from a fine mesh steel for durability and integrity. - Removable basket equipped with convenient handle and simple attachments. - Easily attached to the front of bike frames with double hooks. - Indispensable accessory for any young cyclist. Specifications: - Dimensions: 28x20x19 cm - Position on the bicycle: Front - Installation on: Handlebar - Material: Steel - Wire/Mesh: Mesh - Assembly: Handlebar - Mounting kit included: Yes - Removable: Yes - Handle: Yes - Anti-theft: No - Lid included: No - Suitable for dogs: No - Carrying capacity: Max. 5 kg


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