BASIL Capri Flex 22L Basket

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  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
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Made from a quality plastic with a slick finish, this ladies bicycle basket is suitable for attachment to both the front and rear of your bike frame. The utmost quality is guaranteed, with the hard-wearing plastic holding up well even after regular use. The spacious interior makes it an ideal option for those who rely on their bicycle as their primary mode of transport, offering more than enough space for a generous shop at the grocery store, high street shops or picnic in the park. This basket can also be used to carry your lunch and office essentials during your commute, or gym kit and bag for when you’re heading off to work out. Another savvy feature of this basket is the soft-grip handles, with adjustable hooks providing maximum security when used alongside the spring clamp. Need to take your basket with you when you lock up? No problem. This basket is completely removable from the frame of your bike, providing you with a handy shopping basket and ensuring you don’t have to travel with extra totes and plastic carriers. The rattan inspired texture is easy on the eye, while the neutral colour ensures an effortless complement to all manner of bike styles. Looking for something a little different? Browse the complete range of bicycle baskets in all manner of colours, textures and sizes online today at Basil. Features: - This basket can be attached at both the front and back of your bicycle. - Adjustable hooks and spring clamp fastening allows for easy mounting. - Stylish rattan texture with neutral brown colour. - Quality plastic construction ensures longevity and weatherproof properties. Specifications: - Dimensions: 42 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm (External dimension) - Weight: 1 kg - Position on the bicycle: Rear - Installation on: Luggage carrier rack - Material: Synthetic rattan - Wire / Mesh: Non applicable - Assembly: Basil Clever system - Mounting kit included: Yes - Removable: Yes - Handle: Yes - Anti-theft: No - Lid included: No - Suitable for dogs: No - Carrying capacity: Max. 5 kg


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