Мужские очки солнцезащитные COSTA DEL MAR FANTAIL POLARIZED 59P черные очки прямоугольные

Артикул: 14178769
Цвет товара Цвет товара
Цена: 16 958 ₽
Бесплатная доставка
Курьером до двери или в пункт выдачи заказов за 7-20 дней
Артикул: 14178769
  • Описание

    Experience sunglasses for life's great adventures. Born on the water, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are designed for those who love the open water. Each pair is packed with patented technology that enhances colors and eliminates haze and blur. With a variety of materials and lens colors, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are designed for specific activities and varying light conditions.
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